Rock Canyon Poets

Our second annual issue of community poetry is now available online! Support local poets and see what they are writing right here in Utah County. Click here to get your very own copy! All proceeds continue to fund local poetry projects.
Huge thanks to all our participating poets, including Austin Beckstrom, Skye Caden, Lisa Connors, Steven Duncan, Paul Francis, Claire Gammon, Trish Hopkinson, Craig McClanahan, Logan Olsen, Robert K. Rowberry, Shelby Slade, Joshua P. Sorensen, Amanda Steele, and Darin Whittaker.
inspired-screen-shot-captureMemories are the stuff from which lives are sewn, attached to us like buttons and grade school friendships, like seasons of joy, sadness, loss, and love. In our second year of the Inspired workshops, we aimed to bring a community together, to memorialize the turns in our lives—those moments that become components of us in ways that nearly seem tangible—the flavor of Dr. Pepper, pigments of the sky…

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