What is a POEMBALL?


HUGE thanks to Peter Rosen of KSL for his thoughtful interview and also to Enliten Bakery and Cafe for hosting the Speak for Yourself open mic every Thursday and for all of their support of local artists.

What is Provo Poetry?

We are a group of local poets committed to promoting and instilling the love of poetry within the general Utah County community. Our mission is to bring poems to a wider audience, support local poets, and promote poetry in general.

We believe poetry is important. Poetry helps us interpret our world and provides a form of expression unlike any other literary form. Poetry allows us to come closer to people and experiences for which we would otherwise have no access. Events, generations, wars, and entire societies are documented in poetry. People share poems to comfort friends, confess true love, for artistic and emotional release, and as a tool for activism.

Provo Poetry was founded in January 2016 by local poets Trish Hopkinson and Marianne Hales Harding.

If you’d like to support Provo Poetry, volunteer, or send us poems to use in our projects, please contact us here.


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