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Provo Poetry Submission Call

Send your short poems to help promote poetry in Utah County! Submission guidelines are as follows:


DEADLINE: December 31, 2016


  • Poets must have lived or spent significant time in Utah County at some point in their lives.
  • Poems must be appropriate for a general audience (rated PG).
  • Provo Poetry is an all-inclusive community. Do not send poems with topics/speech related to hate, shaming, or cultural appropriation.

POEM LENGTH: All poems must be 25 lines or less, including blank lines for stanza breaks. Each line cannot be greater than 48 characters. If you are unsure of your line length, send poems with less than 15 lines, just in case.

NUMBER OF POEMS: Send up to ten poems in separate documents.

PREVIOUSLY PUBLISHED: Previously published poems are okay! As a matter of fact, since selected poems are only intended to encourage and promote poetry in Utah County and will not be posted online or shared widely, it is safe to assume they can be submitted elsewhere as unpublished, even if accepted. We do not claim any rights to the poems. However, if you’d like to promote them as published or document the accepted poems as published in your own list of publications, feel free!


  • Select up to 10 poems
  • Save each poem in a separate document with the following filename format: <FIRST NAME LAST NAME TITLE> for example: “Edgar Poe The Raven”
  • Start an email to
  • Subject line should include the poet’s name and the word “submission”, for example: “Jane Doe Submission”
  • Include the following in the body of the email:
    • name,
    • current city of residence
    • how you spent time in Utah County, for example: “Jane Doe, Springville, born and raised” OR “John Doe, Chicago, attended and graduated from BYU.”
  • Document formats accepted are Google docs, .doc, docx, and .rtf
  • Attach all poems to the same email and send!

ACCEPTED POEMS: You will be notified via email if your poems are accepted. Accepted poems will be printed for distribution into the community in and around Provo. Poets will be accredited for their work. Distribution methods may vary. No monetary payment will be provided to poets, but please know your contribution is important and appreciated! The main goal of Provo Poetry is to instill the love of poetry within the general community, bring poems to a wider audience, and to support local poets.

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