snssThe Saturday Night Slam Series in conjunction with the BYU English Society presents the IT’S SUMMER SOMEWHERE SLAM!

Dates vary, but the slams are about once a month and held on campus. Check their Facebook Events page for details. 

The next Saturday Night Slam is February 27, 2016 at 7pm and will be held at The Wall at the Wilkinson Center. 1151 Wilkinson Student Center in Provo.

Entry fee is one original Haiku. 16 people will be randomly selected to present during our intermission.

Poetry performed should be acceptable for a general audience, i.e PG-13. To sign up you can email or contact them via their Facebook page.

The format is slightly different than other slams. Rather than judges holding score cards after each performance, the randomly selected judges keep notes throughout the evening and then meet together at the end (during the head-to-head haiku championship round) to decide the winners.



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