Are you a graphic artist who loves to work with chalk? Would you like a chance to create something for the 2017 Chalk the Block event at the Shops at Riverwoods in Provo? Provo Poetry and Enliten Bakery would like to sponsor an artist for this year’s event and create a beautiful piece of art inspired by and incorporating the work of a local poet. Choose from five poems submitted to Provo Poetry and sketch a proposed chalk painting based on and incorporating your chosen poem (and the name of the poet). This year’s event is September 14th to 16th (with the next weekend as a contingency for rain delays). Send your sketch to with “Chalk the Block” in the subject line by September 7, 2017.

Choose from these poems:



by Laura West


Winds twist violently

through tired branches of our peach

tree, heaving dust of summer.

The cleansing September rain,

for us, cannot come too soon.



by Colin Douglas


“Your poems are querulous.”

So says the woman who leaves the table,

Frowning with disapproval.

Querulous? But she may be right,

And I would prefer to hide in a huckleberry bush,

Feet in the roots, hands extended into the leaves




by Neil Shelley


In the soft shadows,

contractions birth her strength.

Sweat beads upon skin;

he sees a crimson drop fall.

Her work done, the cry anew.




What will you call her?

by Bonnie Shiffler-Olsen


compass of quantum foam

conduit of accommodation


juggler of change

absorber of dereliction


sacredly managed veil

of consecration and sacrifice


architect of light vessels


the girl who chews at obedience

like a leather strap












by Trish Hopkinson


The corpses jump like

jellyfish balloons into

a trailing ocean

of exhausted clouds and sky.

They don’t know they are dying.


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