The mission of the Medusa Collective “is to support and unite female and non-binary musicians and encourage better gender representation in the Provo music scene.”

For more about the Medusa Collective and what they are up to, you can read this interview with Stephen Cope in Reach Provo.

The Medusa Collective is publishing their second annual zine and is calling all women and non-binary musicians, artists, and writers for their submissions! The theme is bodies and the deadline is April 15th.

They are calling for essays, poems, photographs, digital or illustrated 2-d art, photographed 3-d art, collages, etc. They are also doing a music compilation, so if you have a song that fits with the topic, or want to write one, they are interested in those as well. Some possible topics for both mediums are race, disability, gender, sexuality, trauma, the male gaze, and the infinite intersections of those things. They ask those interested to please keep in mind that genitals don’t equal gender🏽, and if there are triggering things in your written works please write which triggering topics they are at the beginning. 

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SUBMIT VIA EMAIL TO: themedusacollective.gmail.com

DEADLINE: April 15, 2016

NOTES: Local work is preferred, but this call is open worldwide for art and written works in English. Unpublished work is preferred, but if you have a previously published piece which fits the topic well, don’t refrain from submitting as long as you have rights to reprint.


FORMS: essays, poems, photographs, digital or illustrated 2-d art, photographed 3-d art, collages, songs, etc.



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