Only 2 days left to support Provo Poetry and get free poetry perks! DEADLINE: March 31, 2016

Our campaign is about to end! Only two days left to help us reach our goal and we have a long way to go. Every dollar helps us share poems written by local poets and we have big plans!

Check out our first project–our POEMBALL Machine at Enliten Cafe!


Provo Poetry will distribute poems written by local poets in creative and interesting ways. Up first—a POEMBALL machine! Put in a quarter, receive a short poem written by a local poet. The first machine already has a home at Enliten Bakery and Café and will be up and running this Spring. Future plans include poems placed on everyday items such as coasters and cup holders, chalk art poetry, and other forms of guerilla poetry.

Follow our YouTube channel here for more sneak peeks!